Welcome to the Virtual Royal Air Force's (vRAF) website. The vRAF is a simulation of the United Kingdom's Royal Air Force, operating on the VATSIM network. The aims of the organisation is to provide a place where pilots can get together and perform Military Operations on the VATSIM network, using the UK Division (VATUK) as a base.

A vRAF pilot can look forward to Operational Exercises not only just within the Organisation, but also with other Virtual Special Operations Organisations (e.g. vUSAF, RAAFVirtual). Pilots can also look forward to developing a career in an ever changing environment.

Have you got what it takes?

  Do you fancy flying a Typhoon on QRA operations?
  Does a Tornado strafing ground targets catch your fancy?
  Can you hold a steady course, whilst Fighters refuel from your drogues?
  The Virtual Red Arrows need parts flown to Germany. Can you get the parts there in time?

If you answered to any of these questions, why not join the vRAF today,
And see if you have what it takes to: Rise Above The Rest.


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